Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Christmas Miracle

Waiting... Seated comfortably on a couch with my legs stretched out to the unoccupied end, I was letting time pass by playing with my iPhone,  My dad, on a separate couch next to where I was, eyes closed, was probably trying to get some sleep to disregard the anxiety that comes with waiting.  One by one, each family was summoned to the front desk until the waiting room was almost empty, except for one family and us.  Finally, our wait was over,  The lady nurse in light blue scrubs told us that the surgery was done and we can now see her.  Room 114B of the Henry Ford Hospital in downtown Detroit, there lay my mom. She was looking so much better without that NG tube sticking out of her nose.  Hope springs!  With the PEG tube now in place, she can be fed better.

Diagnosed with a condition called Achalasia, for months now, she has been feeding very poorly.  As a result, she lost a lot of weight and much of her strength.  After a couple of weeks in the hospital and a battery of tests/examinations, Achalasia turned out to be something more serious.  A cancerous mass growing outside of the LES was pushing it shut, hence, the rejection of food.  With the PEG, we have high hopes -- that she will now be fed better, regain her strength and be ready for the next step, fight the cancer by radiation therapy.  Now, we wait.... again.

But isn't Advent all about the waiting?  Much like the three wise men, waiting patiently for their journey to end, alas! found their Miracle in a manger... or the shepherds, humbly awaiting the good news, were led to their Miracle... or Mary and Joseph, obediently waiting, and the Miracle happened to them.  The Christmas Miracle!

I believe in the miracle of Christmas.  A clear picture in my mind of my mom getting out of this difficulty with a big smile on her face, this is the Christmas miracle I am claiming.

I will be patient.  I will be humble.  I will be obedient.  I wait.

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Gene Valdez said...

Thanks for sharing sis... I often loose that patience in waiting... Very nice reminder for me. =)