Friday, January 11, 2013

My Mommy, My Best Pal

Monday, exactly a week before the eve of Christmas, I had the most difficult task of having to tell everybody about Mommy's passing.  Saying goodbye to her for the very last time was even harder and having to witness Daddy let her go was just so heartbreaking.

Was this the Christmas miracle I was hoping for?  Probably.  Not how I envisioned it, but yes, Mommy came out of all her pain and suffering... forever.  In time for Christmas, she went home to see Jesus and I am sure that Jesus is very pleased with her.  She fought a good fight and and left us with so much treasure... not money, but education; not gold, but the best of life's lessons.

Mommy was not a hard person to please, neither did she have a hard time pleasing others.  Everyone loved her.  Everyone is going to miss her. 

I will miss her but I will remember her...
... Every time I take care of family, for she taught me how
... Every time I need to help others, for she was my best example
... Every opportunity to be kind and generous, for she gave me this heart
... Every time I am called to be modest and respectful, for humility was her best virtue that I hope she passes on to me
... Every time I have to fight for love, for she showed me never to hold back on it
... Every time I see my children and all the other grandchildren, for they were her life.

I will miss her but I will never forget!

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Maka-cry man sad ta...