Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Red Tulips

The brown patch of ground just outside my kitchen door, after some time of barrenness from the coldness of winter, has suddenly burst with color.  The red tulips never fail me.  They are the first to announce that Spring has sprung! 

This is the first spring without my Mommy.  These lovely reds would have kept her company while waiting outside for her ride to dialysis.  Even behind the bush, she would have noticed them and admired them.  Just like how she would notice if I had a new haircut or a new pair of shoes, she was always ready with her approval.  Tulips are tough, after being under the harshness of all weather, they show off their vibrant colors come spring.  My Mommy was tough.  She handled all of life's tests very well and came out triumphant.  And during her last few months with us, she was in and out of the hospital but she never complained.  Nothing could break her spirit.

Like my red tulips, my Mommy was such a beauty, inside as much as outside.  She was always with a smile and a kind word to others.  No wonder everyone who ever came to know her, be it for a minute or 10 years, loved her.  She was kind and gentle, and  loving and caring.  I miss my mommy.  I miss her sitting on that cream-colored recliner in the family room watching TV.  I miss her welcoming us home from a hard day at work.  I miss her in the kitchen making dinner even if she was tired from dialysis.  I miss listening to her worry about people other than herself.  I miss her being mad at her taxi service driver for picking her up so late for her dialysis.  I miss her reminding me to fill-up Bong's and my pill cases.  I miss seeing her hug my kids whenever they are around.   I miss her thoughtfulness.  I miss her good humor.  I miss her smile and her quite laughter.  I miss her hugs and her kisses.  I miss my Mommy.  :'(   

Tulips are said to symbolize perfect love.  My red tulips are for my Mommy for she loved me so perfectly.  Sooner or later, I will be a grandma and a mother-in-law and I worry if I will be a good one.  I asked Bong.  He replied, "I know you will be.  You will be just like your Mommy". 

Happy Mother's Day, my beautiful Mommy!  
Mother's Day May, 2012

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Anonymous said...

i agree with Bong. You will be an excellent Grandma and mother in law. you are a superb MOM now.